Justine Hope Blau

At a reading for Scattered in Denver, July 2013

I have a spring in my step today, after speaking with the inspiring students of Lehman College, and Professors Joe McElligott and Penny Prince. Their eloquent questions and comments made me happy. Thank you!

“Time to read a real book. You choose Justine Blau's new memoir of her tumultuous childhood and difficult mother, Scattered….You are transfixed. It is lovely.”
-- Nicole Cliffe, TheHairpin.com

"Perhaps the most remarkable thing about "Scattered" is its tone. The wildest, funniest, most pathetic capers are told with a disarming matter-of-factness, as if crashing Bar Mitzvahs for your next meal is the sort of thing everyone does all the time."
-- Ron Kopp, filmmaker and teacher, NY Film Academy & CCNY

Selected Works

Scattered is Justine Blau’s account of growing up chronically homeless in ’60s era Manhattan with her delusional mother and her two older brothers. She finds unlikely salvation through relationships she builds in the tumult of a Westchester group home for children.