Justine Hope Blau

Karaoke! April 2016

Props to the students of my summer '16 Lehman College memoir class who hunkered down to improve their writing skills, savor great literature and connect with each other. I'm grateful for your efforts and accomplishments.

Bowling with some of my top-notch Lehman College writing students.

Justine Hope Blau is the award-winning author of screenplays, books and articles. Her nonfiction has been published in Rolling Stone, Oprah Magazine, CBSNews.com and The Huffington Post.

Justine teaches writing at Lehman College and frequently does readings from her memoir, Scattered (Hand Whistle Press, 2012), about her childhood growing up adrift in New York City. She earned an MFA from Columbia University Film School and has received fellowships from the New York Foundation for the Arts, Paramount Pictures and the Wallace Foundation. Justine lives on New York’s Upper West Side and is the mother of a son and daughter.

“Scattered is a superbly crafted narrative -- gripping, unsettling, and inspiring….an example of one who turned childhood adversity into a source of stamina and professional achievement. Compelling reading for all those interested in family narratives.”
--Prof. Hope Leichter, Teachers College, Columbia University

“Time to read a real book. You choose Justine Blau's new memoir of her tumultuous childhood and difficult mother, Scattered….You are transfixed. It is lovely.”
-- Nicole Cliffe, TheHairpin.com

"Scattered is wonderful--moving, funny, sad and hopeful."
--Karen Cushman, author of The Midwife's Apprentice

Selected Works

Scattered is Justine Blau’s account of growing up chronically homeless in ’60s era Manhattan with her delusional mother and her two older brothers. She finds unlikely salvation through relationships she builds in the tumult of a Westchester group home for children.